Lyra Alves was born in Brazil and she has been involved with plant-based cuisine for more than 20 years.

The Brazilian cooking tradition stems from a mix of cultures that reflect directly a large and varied immigrant population. Native ingredients get naturally combined with spices and condiments that are traditionally used in Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern kitchens.

There are thousands of different ingredients out there, waiting to take part in new culinary creations.

Cooking with plant-based ingredients is for Lyra a great opportunity to allow all the ingredients to move away from their role as “side-dish” and become the real stars at the table.

For the past 10 years Lyra has worked together with people from various cultural backgrounds, widening further her range of experience in the world cuisine.

She's been giving cooking trainings and workshops for various organisations such as:

Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen

Eva vzw


Vorming Plus


Sea First Foundation


Furthermore Lyra is since childhood passionate about nutrition and herbalism. The love for health, herbs and plants are found back in her cooking.

Lyra's other blogs:
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